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What’s an Oktoberfest without Wieners? Another family favorite at the Oktoberfest is the annual Wiener Dog races! Officially known as the Dachshund Derby, this event pits adorable Dachshunds competing to the finish line down our 50 ft track. To the victor go the spoils! Winning dogs in each racing category are awarded a Coveted Dachshund Derby medal.

The competition is fierce, and the Wieners take all!

Rules required for participation:

  • All dogs must have current rabies vaccination.
  • All participants must sign the waiver form.
  • Each dog must have a handler capable of controlling her/his pet(s).
  • Female dogs in any state of heat may not participate.
  • Dogs or people whose behavior is unruly or may prove harmful to participants, other dogs or spectators, will be asked to leave.
  • Participants must clean up after their pet(s).
  • Proceeds benefit Crossroads Campus, our charity partner


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