VIP Tickets Include:

Hurry, limited VIP tickets available!

Access to the VIP area where you can exchange your tokens for beers, sit and relax in the shade and enjoy our private:

  • 1/2 Liter Ceramic 40th-Anniversary Edition Beer Stein for transporting and enjoying your walking around beers in style. Plus, when you’re walking around the festival VIP’s will have their own lines for beer. Just show your stein and skip the line!
  • 2 Beer Tokens We want to make sure our VIP guests have a couple walking around beers for when they aren’t busy with the beer tastings.
  • Huge all you can eat buffet. Seriously check out this menu.
  • Exclusive VIP Entertainment including dance performances and live music!
  • 2-Hour Unlimited Beer Tastings. You’ll be plied with all sorts of authentic Oktoberfest beers from our participating Nashville breweries! Learn more.
  • Private Seating. Kick back and relax in our comfortable seating while you enjoy the VIP entertainment!
  • VIP Bathrooms with air conditioning.

VIP Tickets Are On Sale Now!

Get your exclusive VIP tickets before they are sold out. Supplies are limited so sign up using the form at the bottom of this page! Non-refundable and non-transferrable. VIP areas are 21 and older.

No Pets or Children are allowed in the VIP Areas. 

*Service animals only

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