Through submission of application materials and Vendor’s signing of this Agreement, Vendor agrees to hold the Nashville Oktoberfest, King Hospitality, its Board of Directors, staff, contractors, volunteers, and Metro Nashville harmless for any and all losses, expenses, demands and claims against the Nashville Oktoberfest sustained or alleged to have been in any way related or connected to the Nashville Oktoberfest. Vendor also agrees and acknowledges that the Nashville Oktoberfest, King Hospitality, its Board of Directors, staff, contractors, volunteers or Metro Nashville, are not responsible in any way for any personal injury, illness, property damage or loss of property that may occur during the Nashville Oktoberfest. Vendor agrees, acknowledges and further certifies that the Vendor and Vendor’s property, equipment, and vehicles are properly insured for any and all losses incurred, and or damages caused, by Vendor or any other party.

Incorporation and Modification

This document includes all components of the agreement of the parties and is fully incorporated herein. The Application materials provided by the vendor to the Nashville Oktoberfest shall be incorporated herein by reference. No other promises made prior to the execution of this agreement have been omitted from this document. The parties may mutually agree to modify this agreement; however, such modification shall only be binding upon the parties by signed written agreement. No oral modification or agreement outside the scope of this agreement shall be binding upon either party.

No Agency, Partnership, or Joint Venture Created

The Vendor is an independent operator, and through this agreement no agency, partnership or joint venture relationship is created with the Nashville Oktoberfest, The Vendor, its owners, employees, or other agents shall not represent themselves as representatives of the Nashville Oktoberfest. Vendor shall not enter into any contract or other agreement which would cause the Nashville Oktoberfest, to be liable in any way with any other party, including, but not limited to, manufacturers, Vendors, or other suppliers, etc. Vendor shall hold Nashville Oktoberfest harmless from any cost or any other liability it may incur with the production of merchandise.

The Nashville Oktoberfest makes no representation nor guarantees regarding actual festival attendance, nor makes any representation of potential financial success or failure.

By clicking the box to agree to these terms, you agree, that if selected to participate, you and all of your representatives will adhere to the event policies provided above and in the food concessions guidelines and checklist package for the 2022 Nashville Oktoberfest.