So, you are going to your first Oktoberfest celebration this year and probably wondering what you should expect during the weekend long celebration. Well lucky for you,  we have all the tips and tricks that will not only get you through your Nashville Oktoberfest but will help you thrive during the entire weekend. 

When and Where

The 40th annual Nashville Oktoberfest will be held from October 10th-13th in Historic Germantown. The festival grounds are spread out through multiple city blocks within the historic neighborhood. Starting at Jefferson St. and running all the way down to 4th St. Walking all the way down the main strip of the festival, you will spot multiple food and beer tents, our two main music stages, and a plethora of vendors. If you take a right down to 5th Ave., you will find our Vendor Row which houses all of our craft vendors selling their various wears and goods. 

Come Prepared in the Festival Spirit

One thing that many Oktoberfest visitors don’t come mentally prepared for is being in the right spirit for the festival. Oktoberfest is unlike any other beer festival you may have or ever will attend. To enjoy the full experience of what Oktoberfest has to offer, you have to come fully immersed in the traditional German attire. That’s right, we are talking lederhosen and dirndl. There is no better way to enjoy a fresh Hefeweizen or Marzen in your stein while singing German songs than doing it while dressed in authentic German attire. Bring your friends and family and join in on all the singing and dancing that happens all weekend long. 

Pace Yourself

The biggest misconception about an Oktoberfest celebration is that it is all about the booze. This could not be further from the truth. Oktoberfest is a celebration of German traditions. The music, the dancing, and the atmosphere are all indicators of how this festival offers so much more than just your normal beer festival. That being said, there is plenty of brews to go around during the festival. To make sure you survive the entire festival, especially if you plan to go all weekend long, YOU HAVE TO PACE YOURSELF. While attending the festival, you will be consuming a lot of beer and to ensure you make it through the entire celebration, you need to stay hydrated and eat a few meals. This will keep your body functioning while taking a ride down our Beer Slide or participating in Masskrugstemmen. Essentially what we are saying is to make sure that the beer doesn’t take over your entire body so you can strive during every day of the celebration. 

We are highly anticipating our 40th celebration this year and can’t wait to see all of your celebratory faces there this year. These tips and tricks will help you fully enjoy your experience at Oktoberfest this year and take it to the next level. Don’t forget that the VIP experience will make the most of your time on the Nashville Oktoberfest grounds.