The number of people with dachshunds has risen by around 40 percent over the past few years.

It appears the sausage dog is having a moment right now. However, people don’t just keep dachshunds as adorable pets but also to race them.

Dachshund races are fiercely competitive but also a lot of fun. Are you wondering about how to get your dog ready for the big race ahead?

In this article, we’ll reveal the top tips for training your pup effectively and safely to ensure your wiener dog stands a fighting chance. Let’s go!

1. What Are the Dachshund Races?

Let’s be absolutely clear.

This isn’t greyhound racing. Dachshunds have short stumpy legs. They don’t stand a chance.

This isn’t a serious competition either. This is just for fun. Many of the races are actually run as a fundraiser for a worthy cause, especially animal welfare organizations.

The wiener dogs usually race for up to 50 feet. The owners wait eagerly at the finish line with a treat.

2. Doing It for the Treats 

If you own a dachshund yourself, you don’t need anyone to tell you that they love treats.

This is also the secret to training your dog to race. You need to determine what motivates your pup. 

One three-time winner of wiener races said that her dachshund was trained by using hot dogs! 

3. Keep Your Doxie Fit and Healthy

All of those treats can fatten up your dachshund. You don’t want to overfeed your pet pooch. 

You should keep your dog fit and healthy. That means regular walks. You should be taking your dog for 30 minutes per day (with lots of time to sniff too!)

You should also vary the exercises for your dachshund. Play fetch and chase.

Also, wiener dogs are trained for hunting. Hide treats or chew toys for them to search for in the park or in your yard. 

4. One Paw at a Time 

You can’t go from zero to fifty straight away. You’ve got to gradually build up your doxie for the big race.

Begin with short distances, such as twenty feet. Then, add more and more distance before your dachshund can reach 50 feet stretches. 

Remember, it’ll take some time before your wiener dog knows the drill. You always need to reward your pet with a treat, even when they don’t run a perfect race. 

5. Get the Right Equipment

Your dachshund probably won’t sit patiently before the race kicks off. 

That’s why you have to put together a starting box. You should be able to raise the door of the box to release your eager racer.

You’ll also need lots of treats in your pocket to make sure they actually leave their box!

At the Dachshund Races

No Oktoberfest is complete without wiener dogs. The Dachshund Derby is an unmissable event. 

Follow our tips to prepare your wiener dog for glory in the dachshund races. Your pet pup could be destined for Dachshund derby greatness. 

Do you want to register your wiener dog for the race? Check out the registration here