Your friends have invited you to Oktoberfest. You want to go but you’re not so sure about what you’ll be able to eat or drink because you’ve got a few food allergies, but your friends have assured you that there will be a tent for you.

They would be right, you’ll still be able to eat and enjoy yourself despite your allergies. You can always spring for the sauceless meats or stay away from the beer.

To help you have a good time on a full stomach, here is a quick guide on the Oktoberfest food that you can eat at the fair.

1. Drink Wine Instead of Beer 

It may feel weird to go to Oktoberfest and not drink the beer but it contains yeast, malt, water, and hops. So, If you have a gluten allergy you’ll want to steer clear. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a little alcohol though. 

Many tents have white, red, and sparkling wine available. There are also some tents that offer mixed drinks as well. 

2. Meat Without the Sauce 

There are a ton of meat options available at Oktoberfest from chicken to veal. It’s okay to indulge in it if you have a gluten allergy as long as it doesn’t have any sauce. Many sauces are made with wheat flour. 

If you have a gluten allergy then it will make you sick. Instead, go for grilled chicken, roasted duck, or roasted ham hock. 

3. Or Go For the Fish 

Do you have an allergy toward meats? You’re not alone, it’s more common than you think. If this is the case then you should reach for the fish which is usually lighter on the stomach for those with this particular allergy. 

There are some fairs that have tents that offer both fish on a stick and grilled fish. 

4. Sweets 

If you go to the Wiesen you’ll be out of luck in terms of dessert if you have a gluten allergy. Many of the other fairs around the world have a few alternatives though. 

There are some that have cinnamon covered nuts which is also the perfect dessert if you’re allergic to chocolate. Some tents also offer chocolate covered fruits of all varieties. 

5. Can I Bring My Own? 

It is possible to bring your own food but it may get confiscated. Security checks are getting a bit stricter especially at Wiesen

You won’t be able to bring a backpack in but you could get away with a small bag. Whatever you do, make sure you call ahead of time to ask about what you’re planning on bringing. 

Enjoying Oktoberfest Food if You Have Allergies

Are you worried about the sort of allergic reactions the Oktoberfest food will give you? Don’t worry, there are still ways to go to the fair and leave with a full belly and tons of great memories.

You can stick to certain foods, drink beer instead of wine, or just bring your own stuff. So, cut loose and enjoy yourself at Oktoberfest this year. 

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