Oktoberfest has its origins back in 1811. While it was first celebrated in Bavaria with horse races, today, it’s evolved into a beer festival that’s put on all over the world.

If you live in Nashville, then you’ll be pleased to know there’s an Oktoberfest right here! And the great thing is, it’s not just for men. If you want to be an Oktoberfest girl, here’s what you need to know.

1. Look Great in a Dirndl

You may be thinking: what in the world is a dirndl? Well, we guarantee that if you know of the Oktoberfest festival, then you know what a dirndl is!

This is the traditional Oktoberfest garb that women wear. The complete outfit consists of an apron, bodice, and blouse.

While you can get an authentic dirndl by either custom ordering one or by going to Europe to purchase one, that’s probably outside of your budget. Alternatively, you can just order a cheap but nice Halloween costume.

2. Show Your Romantic Availability Through Your Dirndl

Chances are, people in Nashville aren’t going to know how to read your romantic availability through your dirndl. But it can be fun to do anyway!

Traditionally, you’d do this through the knots on the back of your dirndl. If the knot is on the right, that means you’re unavailable. If it’s on the left, then that means you’re single.

If you’ve never had relations before, then you’d put the knot in the front middle. You can also indicate that you’re a widow by putting a knot in the back of your garb.

3. Drink Delicious Beers That Date Back to 800 AD

If you’re used to drinking beers like Bud Light or Coors, then you’re in for a treat! At Oktoberfest, beers that date back to 800 AD are served. You’ll get a glimpse of what Germans and Austrians have been drinking for centuries.

Should you be attending the festival alone, make sure that you enjoy yourself and know your limits for alcohol. European beers tend to be higher in percentage for alcohol, so you may get drunk faster than expected. If you’re far too intoxicated, you may not have the best situational awareness.

4. Experience Some European Food

If you haven’t ventured far from Tennessee before, you may not have experienced much outside cuisine. But not to worry; Oktoberfest brings Germany’s tasty foods right to you!

You’ll get to taste what German cuisine has to offer, such as bratwurst, schnitzel, and strudel. If you’re a foodie, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this.

Have Fun Being an Oktoberfest Girl

Being an Oktoberfest girl can be tons of fun, especially if you bring your girlfriends with you! Just remember to look after one another and to pace yourself when it comes to drinking.

If you’re interested in attending the Nashville Oktoberfest this year, then grab your VIP tickets now!