The Oktoberfest celebration is greatly celebrated around the world in various countries and continents with the biggest and original celebration being held every year in Munich. Every Oktoberfest celebration brings different traditions and ways of celebrating this fantastic festival. Nashville Oktoberfest is no exception. We bring along our own traditions and activities that you won’t find at any other festival around the world. We want to showcase some of these so that you won’t miss out on them for the upcoming festival in 2019!

The “World Famous” Beer Slide

This is and will forever be a staple of Nashville Oktoberfest. The famous Beer Slide pits two competitors against one another to see who can make it down our slippery slide while holding a beer. It isn’t who can make it down the fastest, but who can spill the least amount of beer before they reach the end. No one likes a spilled beer, especially us and that is why after the race you can finish whatever is left in your glass. Our beer slide is an all around win. Who doesn’t want to race down a slippery slide, beer in hand, and get to finish the beer after the race? Make sure you sign up to be a part of this awesome activity for next year’s festival. 

The Dachshund Derby

Now this event is a crowd favorite every year, and we love hosting this event every year. The name says it all, we pit various sized Dachshunds against one another to see who can be the fastest of them all. It is always a hoot to see owners at the finish line try and get their pups to come race towards them. We have seen it all from whistling, favorite toys, and treats to get their little weenie across the finish line first. There is nothing better on that final day of Nashville Oktoberfest than watching some weenie dogs race while you are taking down those Oktoberfest brews. This event we can’t wait to host again next year. 

The VIP Tent

If you’ve ever been to Nashville Oktoberfest, then you know that our VIP tent is the best way to elevate your experience for the celebration. Our VIP tent introduces you to a life of luxury during your Oktoberfest celebration. We provide fantastic seating so that you can take a load off your feet while enjoying a tasty all you can eat buffet throughout everyday of the festival. We have a beer stand located inside the main tent so that you never have to run dry of your favorite Oktoberfest brew. We provide music and dancing inside the secondary VIP tent that has a great backdrop of Nashville behind it. There really is no other way to enjoy Nashville Oktoberfest than taking advantage of the VIP experience. Whether you are a Oktoberfest veteran or 2019 is your first year, you have to take advantage of everything our VIP tents have to offer.