This will be the 40th year of Nashville Oktoberfest we couldn’t be more excited for it to come around. One reason that this celebration in Nashville is so special is that we are able to host it in our own slice of Germany. Although it doesn’t quite match up to the historical significance of Munich where the original Oktoberfest is hosted, but it does for the city of Nashville. 

In the mid-nineteenth century, an influx of German immigrants flooded the streets of Nashville and established a community now known as Germantown. This neighborhood provided the city with an example of a diverse socioeconomic population and mixed-use area where modest worker cottages were side-by-side to the newly erected brick townhomes. Germantown boomed very quickly and the suburb expanded with an influx of people moving into this new community. Since 1850, the neighborhood has strived and continue to grow throughout the decades. 

Today, Germantown is not just host to Nashville Oktoberfest but a slew of fantastic food options, bars, nightlife, and shopping. You can experience the Nashville Farmer’s Market which is home to 19 different restaurants, artisans, and crafters or Monell’s which is your classic Southern meat and three. During the Spring and Summer months, you can catch a game at First Tennessee Park which is home to the Nashville Sounds minor league baseball team. Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park is a great place to take a stroll and looks beautiful no matter what season. We also are happy to host our Dachshund Derby in this beautiful state park.

The Historic Germantown neighborhood is why Oktoberfest in Nashville is so special. We don’t just see this as a beer festival with German influence. We use Nashville Oktoberfest to celebrate the traditions that were brought over to our city when German immigrants made Nashville their home. Nashville Oktoberfest is a celebration of German tradition and it just so happens that one of those traditions is German beer. 

Germantown has definitely changed since it was first founded, but the one thing that will never leave is the recognition of where it all started. Today’s residents in the neighborhood honor the German immigrants that came before them to create this incredibly diverse community and that still holds true today. All this and so much more are the reasons why we would never imagine hosting Nashville Oktoberfest anywhere else other than this historically rich neighborhood.