Oktoberfest is unlike any other beer festival out there. The tradition, food, beer, and the music all make this celebration what it is. Speaking of music, what would Oktoberfest be without traditional German music being played all around while you enjoy a nice pint? Nashville Oktoberfest is proud to hot three fantastic stages around the grounds that has live bands playing every day throughout the festival. If you aren’t familiar with the sounds of traditional German music, you may have been wondering what the bands on stage were playing.

Traditional German music is a mix of a few genres that all present their own special traits. At most Oktoberfest celebrations you will hear a mix of polka and folk bands playing their respective genres.
Polka originated in central Europe during the 1800s and to this day is prevalent in German culture. The term Polka does not just refer to the style of music being played but also, the dance that goes along with it. Most polka songs are extremely lively and upbeat. Most polka bands will include a tuba, accordion, fiddle, rhythm section, etc. This is the genre most commonly played at Nashville Oktoberfest by bands like such as the OomPahsters, UBERkrainer, and the Klaberheads.

Another very prevalent Oktoberfest music genre is Folk. Folk music will vary from region to region because of the heavy influence of beliefs and traditions of various cultures in the music itself. Folk songs can range from children’s songs taught at a young age to work songs that are repeated. They can even be political in their meaning. Many folk bands will accompany an acoustic guitar, accordion, harmonica, etc.

Music at Oktoberfest represents the principle of what the celebration was founded on which was happiness, fun, and togetherness. The music played throughout the celebration can help keep the good times rolling and with it in the background, it is a great sound to have while circled around a table with close friends.

At Nashville Oktoberfest, we keep this same mentality of togetherness and fun when creating our lineup every year. We place our stages around masses of tables so that all of our visitors can enjoy a pint surrounded by friends, new and old, with the great sounds of traditional Polka and Folk played behind them. The same principles that Oktoberfest was built upon centuries ago, we still celebrate in our own piece of Germany in Historic Germantown.
If you missed your opportunity to hear some of the great music Nashville Oktoberfest had to offer at the 39th celebration, make sure you don’t miss the incredible lineup we have in store for our 40th. Can’t wait to see you in October!