Oktoberfest is truly a festival for the masses! It has a little something for everyone from great beer, to amazing food, to incredible live music.

You might be wondering what kind of music would be playing at Oktoberfest?

You’d be pretty surprised to hear a lot of modern-day rock songs but expect to hear not only Polka but some amazing, traditional German Oompah as well.  Here are the five best songs from this festival season!

1. Mountain Mother (Sierra Madre)

This German song with a Spanish chorus really took off after Austrian band, Zillertaller Schürzenjäger covered it in 1978.

Sierra Madre is about a field worker who’s greeted by the mountains during daybreak when he comes to tend the field and greeted by them again after a long day’s work.

It’s meant to make you reflect on appreciating the time you’ve experienced instead of being sad it’s gone.

This theme typically makes it the last song of the night played. Everyone lights sparklers and sings together in joy!

2. I Salute You (Ein Prosit)

Think of this song as the theme song of Oktoberfest! It’s played like clockwork every 15 minutes in the beer tents.

The song begins by chanting Ein Prosit Der Gemütlichkeit meaning I Salute To Our Cozy Friendship & Good Times We’re Having Together. Followed by a chorus singing G’suffa meaning Take A Big Drink.

It’s said to be played so often in the beer tents to encourage drinking to sell drinks, and it has paid off. Joining in singing and drinking is so contagious before you know it you’re one with the crowd. 

3. The Flyer Song

Originally a children’s song The Flyer Song wasn’t cemented in Oktoberfest tradition until 2008 when Tim Toupet covered it. It’s accompanied by a crazy dance that really makes the song fun!

Don’t worry if you don’t know the words, just pay attention to the motions the Germans are doing and follow along. The Flyer Song will have you flying like a plane, acting as a strong tiger, being tall as a giraffe, and swimming. 

4. 99 Luftballons

Considered Germany’s greatest pop export this 80s mega-hit by artist Nena is one of the more modern song’s you can expect to hear this Oktoberfest.

It may not have the same traditional feel as Polka or Oompah but this classic is still guaranteed to put everyone over the top with nostalgia!

5. Hey Baby – If You’ll Be My Girl

Hey Baby gets the biggest crowd reaction out of them all! The band doesn’t even have to be playing the song as chants of Hey Baby will erupt from the crowd out of nowhere! 

The song has been a huge hit in America since Bruce Channel’s original in 1961 but it was Dj Ötzi brought it to Germany when he remixed the song in the year 2000. 

Oktoberfest Music Is For Everyone!

Regardless if you know the songs or not, you’ll have a blast dancing with the Germans and before you know it you’ll be singing along too.

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