Your traditional Oktoberfest outfit is ready to go, you’ve perfected your stein-holding abilities, and you’re all set to sway along to the Schunkeln song

But how about learning a few German expressions to show you’re serious about your love of bier and bratwurst?

After all, the Nashville Bavarian Bierhaus Munich Experience will make you feel like you’re in the heart of Bavaria celebrating Oktoberfest with the locals. So, it’s only right that you should learn a few of their traditional German sayings. 

We take a look at some German phrases that are sure to come in handy. 

1. Prost!

Starting with an expression you’re likely to hear a lot at Oktoberfest, this is how to say ‘cheers!’. It’s easy to remember this German toast as the pronunciation rhymes with toast. 

You might also hear ein Prosit, which means ‘a toast’, as a signal for you to raise your glass along with your fellow revelers. 

2. Zum Wohl!

For an alternative to prost!, you can use this German drinking phrase, which means ‘to your health’, or ‘good health’. Expect to hear this before the crowd breaks out into one of these classic German drinking songs

3. Eins, Zwei, Drei, G’suffa!

This means, ‘one, two, three, drink!’ and is one of the most common German drinking phrases to hear as a way to get everyone to drink up. 

You’ll also hear eins, zwei, drei to signal the start of an Oktoberfest event, such as the Bratwurst eating contest

4. Ozapft Is!

One of the most authentic Oktoberfest sayings, this expression means ‘It’s tapped’. It refers to the first keg being tapped and is the traditional opening cheer of Oktoberfest. 

5. Servus!

This is an informal Oktoberfest greeting which is the Bavarian equivalent of ‘hello’, although it also means ‘goodbye’. 

6. Brezeln

This is the German word for ‘pretzel’, a classic Oktoberfest food you’re sure to want lots of to go with your beer. Of course, there are lots more culinary delights to choose from, including schnitzel, strudel, funnel cakes, and sausages!

7. Maß

This word refers to a liter of beer but is also short for Maßkrug, the traditional glass mugs of beer. Ordering a maß is the only way to drink like a true Bavarian. Or, you might like to show off your skills at the Maßkrugstemmen, aka the beer-holding competition

8. Guten Appetite!

One of the more self-explanatory German sayings, this is their version of ‘bon appetite’. Raise your glass and say guten appetite whenever you see anyone tucking into the delicious Oktoberfest fare. 

9. Pfiat Di!

Keep things authentic to the end by saying goodbye to your new Oktoberfest friends with this classic Bavarian phrase. Or, you might prefer tschüß, which is the German equivalent. 

Handy German Expressions to Learn for Oktoberfest

For an authentic Oktoberfest experience, it’s always handy to learn a few German expressions first. 

Although, after a Maß or two of beer you might struggle to remember most of them! 

Show off your best efforts to learn these German phrases by booking VIP tickets to the Nashville Oktoberfest. Or, feel free to contact us for more information.