Summer is in full swing, which means that fall is right around the corner. Many people dream of pumpkin spice lattes and Ugg boots when they think of the crisp, cool weather up ahead. But not you, you know that fall is the season in which a blessed event happens every year in October.

That’s right, you’re dreaming of Nashville’s Oktoberfest. Those four days in October feature all the beer you can drink, German music, beer pretzels, and, best of all, a bratwurst eating contest. The winner takes all.

Not sure if you’ve got what it takes to win? Well now is the time to prepare! Read on to learn everything you need to know about winning an eating contest.

Know the Rules

Every contest has its rules, and the Bratwurst Eating Contest has them too. First things first — the contest is open to the first fifteen people to register, so don’t hesitate, register today!

On the day of the contest, you’ll be expected to start out by drinking a boot of beer. From there, you’ll be required to eat two brats and then chug a stein of beer. The first person to finish the challenge wins it all.

Work on Increasing Your Stomach Capacity

If you’re used to eating dainty little meals, you’re going to have a hard time winning this contest. After all, brats and beer are anything but dainty. While you can’t really stretch your stomach out, you’re going to have to work on increasing your ability to consume large amounts of food and drinks in a short period of time.

Take the next few months to start training using low-calorie foods and water. Practice drinking the same amount of water and then eating the equivalent weight of the brats. As you get closer to the event, swap in the brats to get used to eating the brats.

Increase Your Eating Speed

If you’re used to eating your meals and drinking your beer at a leisurely pace, then you’re going to have a hard time winning this contest without practice.

Start by timing yourself drinking a boot’s worth of water and eating two brats and then another stein of water. Then try a variety of methods to see how you can speed up your eating. Take smaller bites so you can chew and swallow quickly. If that doesn’t work, take larger bites and then throw your head back to swallow the food without chewing it entirely.

Pro-tip: to increase your jaw strength, try chewing gum more frequently.

One Last Meal Before Go Time

The day before the event, you’re going to want to have a nice, big meal. After you eat that meal, refrain from eating anything else before the event (unless you have a medical reason that prevents you from fasting. The hungrier you are, the greater your drive to eat and drink will be!

Now You’re Ready to Win the Bratwurst Eating Contest!

The Bratwurst Eating Contest is one of the best things about Nashville’s Oktoberfest. Sure, drinking beer and eating brats at your own pace is a beautiful thing, but it lacks the glory of being the first on the stage to hork down all that sausage and beer. You’ll get to brag about it all year long!

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