Beer Slide

OCTOBER 10th-13th, 2019

Remember the slip ‘n’ slide?

Our Beer Slide put’s the old backyard slip ‘n’ slide to shame. For one thing, it’s over 200 feet long and the biggest of its kind! For another, you probably didn’t get to take your beer along with you on a slip “n” slide.

We shower the vinyl with a thick layer of foam and you swoosh down the slide speeding up as you go downhill. You’ll be thrilled and covered by foam at the end. It’s the perfect complement to the festival’s live music, entertainment, and local vendors.

WHERE: Oktoberfest Festival Grounds

COST: 1 Token – for the ride of your life!

BUT WAIT!…. Did we mention the race and prizes?

Beer Slide Championships


First Prize: Cash Prizes.
2nd Prize: Monell’s Gift Card.

A special skill set is required to win this race. It’s not just about being the fastest down the slide, but who can hold onto the most beer while doing so. At the starting line contestants are given a 20oz. cup of beer. The competitors then slide down the course holding the cup of beer, trying to hang onto every drop. Believe me, it’s easier said than done. The winner is the contestant with the most beer remaining in their cup at the finish line.

The slide has two lanes, one for each person sliding – so we will run 2 person heats.

1 Token to enter contest.

Please arrive no later than 4:30pm at the Beer Slide.

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