Did you know that Oktoberfest is actually the world’s largest and longest-running wedding celebration? And what is a wedding party without a special outfit?

Oktoberfest is the worldwide celebration of German culture, the harvest and all things beer. In Munich, the annual festival stretches 10 to 17 days in huge beer hall tents. Outside of Germany, an Oktoberfest celebration pops up anywhere Germans settle.

You wouldn’t attend a wedding without dressing up a little, so join in and become a little German with us. Put on your best Oktoberfest outfits to dance, drink and enjoy the party.

Oktoberfest Outfits and Food Set the Mood

Oktoberfest celebrates traditional Bavarian treats like the pretzel, roast chicken, sausage and more. Make sure to taste spicy-sweet Bavarian mustard or Dusseldorf’s sharp and vinegary version. Strudel, knodel (dumplings) and spatzle are also on the menu.

Festival-goers need to contribute to the party atmosphere, too. Just like in Munich, no true Oktoberfest celebration is possible in street clothing. The beer tastes better in lederhosen and dirndl.

Tracht Makes the Man

Traditional clothing is called tracht. At one time it was the working “uniform” of Bavaria, Austria, and Tyrol. Deerskin is the traditional leather for short or knee-length breeches.

The leather is soft, light and resistant to tears. Lederhosen have two side pockets, a pocket at the hip, a pocket for your knife, and a drop front. Add embroidered suspenders, wool stockings and a white or checked shirt to complete the outfit.

Dress In a Dirndl

The Oktoberfest outfit for a frau or fraulein is a dirndl. It’s a pinafore dress or bodice and full skirt. A blouse with a low, round neckline and puff sleeves and an apron complete the look.

Traditional-style Oktoberfest outfits come in a variety of colors and fabrics, indicating the age, heritage and social standing of the wearer. The modern dirndl takes its inspiration from tradition but adds color, luxury, and fun.

Dirndl skirts are hemmed to the knee or lower, with white stockings and plain shoes below. Ladies leave the leg exposure to men in lederhosen. Aprons are always worn with dirndl.

Where you tie your apron lets people know if you are single or taken. Tie your apron on the left side to indicate that you are interested in attracting a partner. Apron knots tied on the right mean that you are married or engaged. Tie your apron in the back if you are a waitress!

Fun at the Year’s Biggest Beer Festival

Your Oktoberfest outfits aren’t complete without a stein of your favorite brew in hand. Join us for great polka bands, the Dachshund Derby, kids’ activities and more. Oktoberfest only happens once a year, but your outfits let you celebrate German culture year-round!

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