If you enjoy traveling, partying, eating, and drinking beer, then Oktoberfest is the perfect fall festival for you to attend. 

Oktoberfest is a fun and unique experience but there are a few things to know before visiting for the first time. See what they are in our Oktoberfest Guide.

What First-Timers Should Know

Oktoberfest is a large beer festival held in October that originated in Munich, Germany. It was created in 1810 to celebrate the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese, and the citizens were invited to join in the festivities.  

Since then, the original event has been duplicated annually and has become an event that has drawn locals and international travelers to join in on the fun. It has become such a success that other cities around the world also host Oktoberfest festivals annually, although nothing can be as good as the original. 

If you have decided to attend an Oktoberfest this year, either one located locally or the grand mecca in Munich, then you will want to be prepared with what to expect before you get there. For the most authentic experience, you will have to visit the Oktoberfest in Germany.

This Oktoberfest Guide’s Most Important Tip: Plan on Getting There Early!

There will be multiple beer tents available and each one of these can hold roughly up to 10,000 people. If you would like to get a seat at a table you will have to plan accordingly and arrive early, especially if you are planning on eating a meal, as you will want somewhere to sit while enjoying it. Traditional German foods are always available as well as delicious large soft pretzels, knowns as brez’n.  

During the week there are usually plenty of open tables but at the weekend it can get a little trickier. If you want to be sure to have a table, you can also make a reservation for you and your friends. Reservations can be placed at the beginning of the year between January and April and the best tents fill up first, so plan accordingly and don’t procrastinate. 

Make New Friends

Tables in the tents are long and meant to hold a lot of people. You will end up sharing the table with people you haven’t met before but are guaranteed to get to know and make a new friend, which is great for when you might need to get up from the table and they can hold your seat. 

This communal experience in Germany is known as “wiesenbekanntschaft” which is translated to “Oktoberfest acquaintance” and can be a fun way to meet new people or get to know old acquaintances better. 

In the tents, there will be plenty of beer to go around, and you will want to know how to order. Ask for a mass, not a stein, and you will get the standard liter of beer. Be sure to toast your mass by holding the handle and clanking the bottom of the glass with your new friends and say “Prost!”. 

Dress Accordingly 

Even though it’s not necessary it is a great opportunity to dress in the traditional Bavarian outfit of lederhosen for men and dirndls for women. 

For women wearing a dirndl, there are some guidelines to follow. The waitresses will tie the bow at the back, as well as widows. If you are in a relationship, tie your bow on the right but if you are single and ready to mingle tie it on the left. Keep this rule in mind when dressing or you may get caught off guard by unwanted attention. 

Are You Ready to Have Some Fun?

Hopefully, this Oktoberfest guide has gotten you ready for one of the best festivals you will ever experience. It’s time to let loose, eat some great food, and enjoy drinks with new and old friends. 

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