Somehow, nothing beats the satisfaction of getting a cold can or bottle of beer after a long day. But have you ever wondered if the drink in your hand helps you? Are there any benefits of drinking beer, especially in moderation?

Some people might be holding back due to how beer and other alcoholic beverages end up gaining links to alcohol abuse. Before you second-guess the thought of it, here are the benefits of drinking beer.

1. Helps Reduce Stress

Beer helps relieve stress, which is a good hook behind drinking beer altogether. It’s the reason why people take a swig when nervous or when stuck in an awkward situation.

2. Helps Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

A study presented by the American Heart Association had about 80,000 subjects over the course of six years to check the effects of beer on heart health.

Their findings led to this conclusion. Men who have suffered from a heart attack have lesser risks of getting hit by another, their chances dropping down by 42%.

Also, a benefit from moderate drinking comes in the form of improved HDL levels. This means higher levels of good cholesterol to ensure your heart remains healthy and strong.

3. Increases Bone Density

Milk and beer both make the bones stronger. Darker variations of ale contain huge amounts of silicon. Silicon increases bone density, which helps in ensuring the bones remain strong and prevent osteoporosis.

In case drinking milk is not within your preference, a cold mug of ale or stout should do you wonders.

4. Helps Reduce Risk of Diabetes

Beer also helps stabilize glucose levels, reducing the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Through the moderate intake of about 6-48 grams per day, the risk drops as much as 30%.

5. Loaded with Vitamins

A serving of beer contains vitamin B, as well as magnesium and potassium. Some brands also have protein. The materials used to brew these wonders come from grains and fruits for certain craft beers.

6. Helps Boost Mental Health

Thinking of going for the best beer at Oktoberfest but you’re not sure what else it can give you? Here is a consoling fact for you to remember. Aside from physical health benefits, beer can also help with your mental health.

Studies show beer can help protect the brain against neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

On top of that, a pint of beer also brings an increase in dopamine production. This particular hormone provides a feeling of elation and relaxation. It keeps you calm and relaxed after doing tasks.

7. Helps Flush Out Toxins

Beer is a diuretic, meaning it can help flush out toxins.

With this in mind, do remember to take in a lot of water after drinking beer. This way, you can replenish the water you lost to prevent dehydration. Drinking more water also helps with getting rid of hangovers.

Enjoy the Benefits of Drinking Beer Today!

With these benefits of drinking beer in mind, you can think of good ways to enjoy a beer after a long day’s work. Or you can join in with Oktoberfest and be part of the big festivities. As long as you drink in moderation, everything should fall into place.

Now, if you are itching to join in with the festivities, better get yourself signed up early. Contact us today to help you get started with that or if you have any inquiries.