Have your friends convinced you that it is time to attend your first beer festival? Are you a bit worried about what to expect and how you’ll survive hours of drinking (without getting wasted?) 

A beer festival can be intense–but there are numerous ways to survive, with your pride intact. We’re going to share tips the pros know, keep reading to find out more! 

1. Pace Yourself

Whether your first beer festival is an unlimited supply of samples, a timed event, or one that is tracked by tickets, there is sure to be plenty of beer to drink. With that said, you don’t actually have to drink all of it and in fact, it’s not recommended. 

Although sample sizes are between 1 and 5 ounces, the varying levels of alcohol can leave you feeling a bit buzzed. Instead of attempting to consume only beer for the duration, grab a glass of water, take in the sights, and people watch. 

2. Eat Before and During

Before heading out to any alcohol-inspired festival, be sure to eat a healthy meal. Of course, healthy can be different for everyone, so by healthy we mean high protein, good fats, and fruits or vegetables. 

Additionally, it is smart to avoid caffeine because it can dehydrate you, as well as anything that is tomato-based. acidic, or overly spicy. This is mainly for your comfort, as these foods can irritate your stomach, especially when alcohol is added to the mix. 

Scope out the food options before you begin your tastings so that you will know exactly what you’d like should you get hungry or too buzzed. 

3. Don’t Drink Something You Don’t Love

Because this is a beer festival, sampling is encouraged. However, if you find yourself sipping a sample that you don’t love, try something else. This is mainly to avoid unnecessary consumption so that there’s room for beers you DO enjoy!

You can always ask the server what they would recommend based on your normal drink choice. They are there to help guide you and facilitate an enjoyable festival experience. 

4. Know When to Call it Quits

No one likes to cut themselves off. Worse than cutting yourself off is getting wasted, acting a fool, and not remembering your first beer festival. With that said, if you feel as though you’re catching a strong buzz, take a break and get some water

You’ll also thank yourself in the morning. 

5. Have a Plan to Get Home

Unless you can find a reliable designated driver, you will need a plan to get home. This plan may include public transportation, using a hotel shuttle if you’re from out of town, or using a rideshare app. 

Whichever your choice, don’t drive home after sampling beer all day (no matter how ‘good’ you think you are)! 

Your First Beer Festival: Success!

The goal of your first beer festival should be to sample a number of delicious beers, find a few that you enjoy, and to do it safely. If you follow these tips, you will ensure a great time for everyone in your party! 

To really ensure you have an experience to remember and can talk about for years to come, consider upgrading your tickets to VIP