Prost! It’s time for Oktoberfest and many activities that include drinking German beer.

Plan on imbibing after the Stein-holding competition (Masskrugstemmen)? Want to enter the Bratwurst Eating Contest? Be smart about your alcohol consumption. 

Keep reading to learn how to drink responsibly. Follow these tips to enjoy Oktoberfest beer, food, and festivities.

How to Drink Responsibly

Make sure you and your friends are safe while drinking at Oktoberfest. It’s not hard if you plan and watch your alcohol intake. 

Use these five tips to keep drinking in check during the festivities. 

1. Get and Stay Hydrated

If you plan on tasting all the beers make a plan. Alcohol can cause dehydration.

Get hydrated before you go, and stay hydrated during the festival.

Set a limit for yourself. Factor in your size, weight, and gender to determine a reasonable number of drinks

Drink water or a non-alcoholic beverage in-between beers. Drink extra water if the weather is hot.

2. Eat Before You Drink

Never drink on an empty stomach. 

Putting food in your stomach helps your body absorb the alcohol. You’ll find authentic German dishes like schnitzel, strudel, and brats at Oktoberfest. 

Don’t hesitate to taste test the food along with the beers.

3. Pace Yourself

It’s important to note that most German beer has higher alcohol content than American beer. It may affect you faster than your usual beer.

This causes problems like dehydration and lack of motor skills. Alcohol poisoning can occur if you drink too much too fast.

We’re here all weekend. Take your time and enjoy every event from the Dachshund Derby to the live German music.

Don’t gulp your craft beer, sip it to savor the flavors. Pace yourself. The slower you drink, the longer you’ll enjoy the festival.

4. Respect Your Limits

Be realistic about the amount of alcohol you should drink. If you don’t drink often it’s vital to pace yourself. 

The best practice for an event like Oktoberfest is to drink water or a soft drink after each beer.

Avoid mixing alcohol with other drugs. Know how your medications interact with alcohol before you drink.

There’s a hill on the Munich Oktoberfest grounds where the people who drink too much lay down. They’re called beer corpses (die Bierleichen) or snoozing drunks.

Take a break if you feel drunk. Eat some food and stop drinking. When you know your limits and you won’t be a die Bierleichen.

5. Make a Plan to Get Home Safe

Don’t drink if you have to drive. Make arrangements for your return trip before you go out. Choose a designated driver or use a ride service.

Ride with Freebird for a free ride to or from the Nashville Oktoberfest. Attendees who download the app get cashback on one Uber or Lyft ride. 

If you live within walking distance, walk with friends. If it’s dark, use a flashlight or your phone so drivers can see you.

Cheers to knowing how to drink responsibly. Now, you’re ready to enjoy the Nashville Oktoberfest. Prost!