Up to 6.5 million liters of beer are drunk in Germany around Oktoberfest. 

But, the United States is catching up. We may already have the wheat beer, the lederhosen, and even the fun and laughter.

What’s missing to create an incredible Oktoberfest experience?

Of course, German drinking songs. Check out our list of 5 popular songs to sing at Oktoberfest.

1. I Salute You 

Your Oktoberfest celebrations cannot be complete without this tune. In German, they say “Ein Prosit” for I Salute You.”

You’ll hear this song repeatedly played during the Oktoberfest. This heartwarming song starts with “Ein Prosit Der Gemütlichkeit…”

In other words, it’s a salute to the cozy friendship and good times you’re enjoying together. Then you count up in German – “eins, zwei, Drei..”

Everyone then takes a drink of their beer before screaming “Oi Oi Oi” when they’re asked if they’re having fun.

This song is played four times every hour. So, you’ll definitely need another beer before long. 

2. The Flyer Song 

Who said that Oktoberfest wasn’t for kids?

The Flyer Song is a kid’s song originally. It covers the story of a guy laying down on the grass looking up at a plane in the sky. 

But, there are also tones of animal gestures that can be a lot of fun when you’re drunk. The lyrics are pretty easy as well.

The chorus of “La La La La La” is easy for anyone to remember off by heart. But, beyond that, there are some tricky lyrics to remember.

Lucky for you, you should be able to follow the motions of the people around you. Can you be as tall as a giraffe? Do you know how to hop like a kangaroo?

3. Hey Baby – If You’ll Be My Girl

Everyone knows this song. You’ll suddenly notice that the crowd goes wild for this one.

Of course, this Hey Baby song is extremely popular in the United States. But, it’s also a massive hit in Germany

You’ll have no trouble getting involved in singing along to this one.

4. The Donkey Song

The Donkey Song is a classic Oompah band song from the early Oktoberfest days.

The Bavarians love this song more than anyone in the world. We call it the Donkey Song, but the Germans call it Esellied. There’s even a yodeling chorus to the song. 

The song tells the story of a donkey waiting for his love Veronica, who is also another donkey. 

5. Sweet Caroline

This Neil Diamond song may not be traditional to the Oktoberfest celebrations. However, it’s an amazing song that brings everyone together over a beer.

You may not recognize the song at first. The song was released as a remix in Germany by DJ Ötzi in 2009. 

 In 2009, DJ Ötzi released a remix to Sweet Caroline that was very popular in Germany and Austria which helped to reboot the song at Oktoberfest.

During the middle of the song, you’ll notice everyone coming to the middle of the table to give spirit fingers. 

German Drinking Songs

Now you know what German drinking songs to expect when you arrive at Oktoberfest, you won’t be left wondering when to take a drink. 

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