It has been two months since the 39th annual Nashville Oktoberfest has ended and if you are having withdrawals like we are, you are looking for your next beer experience. Well if live in the Nashville area or just passing through, your next adventure lies just around the corner at one of the local breweries that this great town has to offer. Now, you won’t get quite the same experience as you would at Oktoberfest, but you can enjoy a great atmosphere along with some phenomenal tasting beer.

Yazoo Brewing Company

Yazoo is one of the most well-recognized breweries located in Nashville. It started with a simple homebrewing kit that was bought out of the back of a magazine. They opened up their Nashville brewery in 2003 and quickly outgrew that space, opening up a new location in the Gulch in 2010. Yazoo serves up some award-winning brews such as their Pale Ale and Dos Perros.

Jackalope Brewing Company

The story of Jackalope is an interesting one that was founded on a unique friendship. Bailey Spalding and Robyn Virball found each other in 2002 in the tiny Scottish Village of St. Andrews. They began drawing up the plans for the brewery in 2009. They officially opened up their Nashville brewery on May 21st in 2011. The Jackalope Brewing Company has continued to operate in the Nashville area and work with the community to reach common goals. They were also the first brewing company in Nashville to can their craft beers like their Thunder Ann Pale Ale and Rompo Red Rye Ale.

Mayday Parade

We were so excited to host this local brewery at this year’s Nashville Oktoberfest. They had the previous year’s beer tasting competition and had their own tent to serve their craft beer this year. Mayday started in 2012 by owner Ozzy Nelson. The brewery is located right outside of Nashville in the heart of Murfreesboro. The brewery itself is full of fun activities to enhance your experience when visiting with things such as karaoke, live music, and food trucks. They served up their famous Boro Blonde Ale and their take on Oktoberfest.  We were excited to have them host a beer tent this year, and their brewery is an experience that you won’t want to miss out on.

In our opinion, Nashville is one of the best places for craft beer lovers. The three breweries that we featured in today’s blog post are just a sample of what Nashville breweries have to offer. So many others surround the Nashville area that are worth visiting. Just because you can’t experience all the fun that Oktoberfest brings, doesn’t mean you can’t experience other great beer activities. Breweries offer great beer, a phenomenal atmosphere, and some fantastic food. We know that you need something adventures to look forward to while you anticipate next year’s festival. We don’t ever want the party to stop so be sure take the trip to one of these amazing breweries.