Did you know that the first Oktoberfest was October 12th, 1810 in Munich? Ever since then, the beer festivals have continued in places around the globe.

When you’re getting ready to head out to the festival, you’ll want to pick our just the right outfit.

Here is what to wear to a beer festival.

Bring a Backpack

Bringing a large crossbody bag will help you stash away all those freebies and souvenirs. 

If a backpack is too large and cumbersome for you, try a fanny pack. They are back in style and can hold everything from your keys and your phone to a few swag items like stickers from the booths.

These types of bags will help keep your hands free and available for trying all the beer and food you want!

Dress Weather Appropriate

Before heading out to the beer festival, check the weather for the day.

A long day outside may require a hat or visor depending on how sunny it is. Also, pack a pair of good sunglasses.

If the weather looks like it’s cloudy and may rain, bring one of those small umbrellas and put it in your backpack. Some venues might not allow umbrellas, so make sure to pack rain ponchos these will also take up less space in your bag!

Lightweight Clothing Is What to Wear to a Beer Festival

Because many beer festivals are outside during the day, you’ll definitely want to wear lightweight clothing. Lightweight clothing is perfect for this type of outdoor festival, especially if it’s during the warmer months and there are large crowds.

Think about functionality when it comes to your clothing. Try to pick out clothes like knits or cotton which are breathable and airy.

Sometimes the best course of action is to stick with a comfortable t-shirt and shorts. This will be best if you want to enjoy any fun rides or other activities.

Comfortable Shoes

Make sure that you wear a pair of shoes that are cute, yet comfortable. This will help you make sure that you can spend the whole day without being in pain.

You will be waiting in a lot of long lines throughout the day if you want to try all the different kinds of beer and food. If there’s limited parking availability, you might also have to walk a distance just to get into the beer festival.

You don’t want to be stuck wearing uncomfortable shoes that’ll make you want to go home early.

Add Some Flair

A beer festival is a fun event! Feel free to add some fun clothing and accessory elements to your outfit.

There are a ton of t-shirts with funny beer quotes on them that will be a hit at the beer festival.

You can also look for earrings, belt buckles, and other accessories that have beer caps on them. This can be a cool way to make a big impact with your festival outfit.

It’s also an easy conversation starter!

Enjoy Your Time

These ideas should help make deciding what to wear to a beer festival an easy task! You’ll be able to fit in with the crowd and enjoy your time at the festival. 

If you’re looking for a beer festival to attend, the Nashville Oktoberfest has a 5k bier run, parade, and live music.

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