Beer Stein Holding Competitions


Don’t miss the Second Annual Stein Holiding Competition 


• Saturday October 12 4:30 pm (after BRATS EATING CONTEST in Front of Main Stage)

• First Two Qualifying Rounds (minimum of 5/maximum of 10 per round)

• Men and Women-winners in BOTH categories

• Winners of Qualifying Rounds will compete in FINAL Round @ 7:30 pm (after 7:00 pm Brats Contest)

• Winners (Men’s and Women’s) will be crowned  NASHVILLE OKTOBERFEST CHAMPIONS 2019

• Qualifying Round Winners will receive Commemorative Steins and 2Beer tokens

• CHAMPIONS will receive a GRAND PRIZE and the privilege to be the Judge for NASHVILLE OKTOBERFEST 2020!!

Entry fee of $15

Beer Stein
National Steinholding rules

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