Are you one of the 43% of the people in the U.S. who choose beer when it is time to party or a bit of downtime? 

Do you have have your favorite and grab it each week?  Or do you like to pick something new or try flights of different types?

However you love your beer, get out to a beer festival and share it with others!  

What Is a Beer Festival?

A beer festival is an event where beer brewers and beer enthusiasts come together to celebrate their love of this magical beverage people have been enjoying for over 12,000 years!

Breweries and their talented brewmasters showcase everything from their tried-and-true long-standing crowd favorites to unique brews created just for festivals.

Some beer festivals have even branched out and are now all-around entertainment events featuring musical entertainment, food, arts and crafts vendors, running races, parades, eating contests, and more!

How to Find a Beer Festival Near You (or to Plan Your Next Vacation Around) 

One of the best ways to find out about all the beer festivals available for you to enjoy is to check out the beer fest wiki. It also includes many of the long-standing festivals in the U.S., including Oktoberfest (the oldest beer fest in Nashville, Tennessee!).

How to Plan a Beer Festival Experience to Remember

Obviously, there are many ways to enjoy a beer fest. But some are better than others. 

Below are eight ways to make sure you have an awesome time. 

1. Think Before You Invite Just Anyone

Invite people who love beer as much as you do. No one wants to be bogged down by someone who whines about all the people drinking (or why there isn’t more wine on offer).

Conversely, skip inviting anyone you expect will over-indulge to the point of dragging you into babysitter mode. Leave the over-indulging for the local bar or parties at your friend’s house. 

2. Pre-Plan Your Travel Arrangements 

To ensure you have a fun and safe trip to the beer fest, first, figure out how you will get home.

This may sound like putting the cart before the horse, but trying to figure this out after consuming all the fest has to offer is not the time for this kind of decision making.

3. Pre-Plan Where to Eat Before Drinking

Everyone knows it’s just good sense to not drink on an empty stomach. Because no one wants to get half-way through the festival and already feel overly sloshed.

It’s up to you on whether you have some food at home, somewhere on your way to the beer fest or soon after arriving at it. Just do it.

You’ll be glad you did.

4. Peruse the Beer Festivals Website Before Going

Beer festivals put all kinds of helpful information on their site, so check it out.

Here are some of them:

  • A list of the breweries and brewmasters who will be showcasing their beers.
  • A list of all the special events that are happening so you don’t miss the bratwurst eating contest, for example.
  • A map of the event, providing you with important information you will need to find your way around. 
  • All the other basic info you need – like where to park, where the restrooms are located, whether kids or dogs are allowed, and the admission price.

5. Be Picky About What You Drink

Most people can get the standard choices sold in bars and liquor stores anytime. So use your time at the beer festival to expand your taste buds and possibly find one (or more!) new favorites.

For the best tasting experience, plan your beer options so you drink them from light to dark or sweet to bitter. (See #4 above for help)

6. Hydrate!

There is more than one train of thought for staying hydrated while drinking.

The best is to drink water in between each beer you have. 

If you aren’t that disciplined or forget, start drinking water as soon as you head home. 

7. Take Part in the Other Events Going On

Sure, drinking and eating are two of everyone’s favorite things to do. And, of course, every decent fest is going to provide you with amazing offerings for both.

But each festival has its own unique events. So get involved and see what’s on offer to make your day something to remember!

8. Beer Festival Pictures

Keep in mind that many people (especially your friends) will have their cell phones taking pictures to show the world what a great time you all had.

So, think about what you wear to the festival in advance to make sure you look cool (or funny if that’s your thing!).

And, remember, no one looks good when they are hammered.  

Make Plans to Attend a Beer Festival Today

Beer festivals happen all over so get out to one soon and see what all the fun is about!

And, if you live around Nashville, Tennessee, or are planning a trip here, be sure to add the Oktoberfest to your must-do list. There is something for everyone!