If you love German culture, you know that food is one of its most popular features. 

Sauerkraut is one of the most popular German foods and has been a staple throughout its history. If you’d like to learn more about this food and how and why Germans eat it, read on. 

What is Sauerkraut?

Sauerkraut is a cabbage dish that is paired with a lot of German foods. It is prepared by pickling the cabbage in brine. As the name suggests, it has a sour taste with a bit of spice and can be combined with a lot of different foods. 

This is a dish that came about due to people in Germany needing to preserve their vegetables to get through many seasons. The fermentation process brings about a lot of health benefits as well, such as an abundance of B Vitamins, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. 

1. Sauerkraut and Bratwurst

When it comes to German culture, bratwurst is absolutely a staple. This is a type of German sausage that people eat in a variety of ways. 

One of the main ways that people in Germany enjoy eating bratwurst is with a big helping of sauerkraut. This is a German sausage that is typically made with meats like pork or veal. 

The combination of the flavors, along with a nice fresh bun make sauerkraut and bratwurst a popular food option. 

2. Sauerkraut as a New Year’s Eve Tradition

People in Germany will also let you know that sauerkraut is part of the tradition as well. More specifically, Germans eat sauerkraut on New Year’s Eve. 

Germans eat this vegetable in anticipation of good fortune for the New Year. While other cultures enjoy a kiss or a drink when the clock strikes midnight, Germans enjoy a nice bite of fresh sauerkraut. 

3. Sauerkraut as an Immune System Booster

Right now, people are learning about the benefits of probiotic health. 

People are drinking kombucha to promote gut health, which is great for the immune system, digestion, brain health and more. Since sauerkraut is fermented, you will get the same level of gut health benefits. 

Eating some servings of sauerkraut can help your immune system stay strong that you can avoid sickness, have high levels of energy and keep your allergies at bay. 

4. Germans Eat Sauerkraut as a Local Staple and Economy Booster

Germans realize that sauerkraut is a staple of their local economy, and often go out of their way to support their farms. 

Today, companies like the Fremont Sauerkraut Company process 600 tons of cabbage per day in order to prepare this dish. So while the dish is delicious, it’s also a staple for pride and self-sufficiency. 

Find the Best Sauerkraut Recipes and Get Ready For Oktoberfest

As you can see, eating sauerkraut is synonymous with German culture. Consider these four ways and reasons that Germans eat this dish. 

For more info on how you can pair some great sauerkraut recipes with beer selections in anticipation for this year’s Oktoberfest celebration, keep checking back with our site.