Deciding where to go on a date can be a nerve-racking experience. If you get it right everything can click and you can find yourself connecting with someone who could well be a long-term partner. Get it wrong and your perfect date could end in disaster. 

The best way to go about deciding where to take your date is somewhere that will be both fun and where you both have a mutual interest. This can be hard to work out if this is only a first date. It is better to go somewhere simple for a first date.

But if you get past the countless reasons why first dates don’t work out, a second date at a more interesting venue could work in your favor. A beer festival date might be a good option, particularly if you remember your date liked to drink on your first date.

1. Beer Festivals Allow You To Drink Quality Beer

If you went to a pub or a bar for a typical date then the chances are the selection of beers will not be quite as good as at other venues. You might end up drinking drinks for the sake of them.

Around the world beer consumption is falling but this could be because it is becoming more of a specialists market. Only those who love their beer are drinking it and there is proof of that with the popularity of beer festivals. 

For at a beer festival you can not only enjoy what you are drinking but you and your date might get to try a new beer together. Experiencing something new can really bond people and help bring them together. This is what dating should be about. 

2. They Are Laid Back Events 

Sometimes, even for a second date, a meal can be just too formal. You don’t want to take your date to somewhere they think is cheap so you end up at a fancy place and the both of you feel the need to dress up. This can make you both feel awkward and the conversation can be difficult.

A Beerfest is more relaxed and you can often enjoy the music and other events as well as the beer. One event that is sure to bring you together at the Nashville Oktoberfest is the pup parade where dogs dressed in costumes and their owners go on a walk-about. 

You could even socialize with other guests who are attending the festival and see how you interact with the group of you. 

3. Beer Festival Dates Often Involve Traveling 

 Going somewhere new with a potential partner always makes the date that extra bit special. You generally have to travel to get to a Beerfest and so the chances are you are exploring a new place together or at least somewhere you don’t frequent on a regular basis. This is much more interesting than visiting the same old bars. 

The journey to the venue can also be exciting. Perhaps you will have to get a taxi or a bus and arranging this together can be fun. Equally, if something goes wrong along the way, this might not be a disaster. You might bond over trying to solve the situation and ensuring you get to the festival on time. 

Doing What You Love Can Help Create Chemistry

Dates can be scary and they often go wrong. Whilst this might make for a hilarious anecdote, the moral of most stories is to simply go on dates to interesting places that are right for you both and that help bring out that connection. 

A beer festival date is exactly the kind of date that can help do that because it often involves travel to somewhere interesting and new and bonding over a shared passion for new tastes and smells. 

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