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2017 Festival Dates



2017 Festival Dates


traditional Bavarian/Slovenian/Austrian polka party band, performing a wide assortment of polkas and waltzes from numerous European countries such as Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Slovakia.

Nermin Begovic was born in former Yugoslavia. At the age of 9, Nermin began learning how to play accordion in the local school of music. After five years he stopped playing accordion and began to focus on rock guitar. After moving to the USA in 2005 as a music therapist, Nermin rediscovered accordion and has been actively playing the instrument ever since. In May 2003, Nermin completed his guitar studies at Austin Peay State University (APSU) with Dr. Stanley Yates, located in Clarksville, TN.

A former member of the Irish/American contra dance band, The Nashville Weather, Nermin is actively performing a wide variety of musical styles as a soloist, on both classical guitar and accordion. He was member of the Latin romantic ensemble, Serenata, the Bulgarian folk groups, Tantsova Grupa, and Natchez Thrace. Currently, he is active with polka party band called Uberkrainer, which is focused on Slovenian style of polka music called “Oberkreiner” as well as Cleveland style polka music.

Tuba Player, Joe Hunter, Nashville’s own Tubatroll

Musik Meisters

The Musik Meisters is a Nashville based polka band that has been rolling out the barrels with audiences around the United States for over a decade. The Musik Meisters have been the featured house band at the historic Gerst Haus restaurant located in downtown Nashville for many years and is proud to call it home!

This band is as pure and authentic as it gets. Wearing their Tyrolean attire and singing in German; your heart can only be happy as you move to the polka beat! Besides their regular “gig” at the Gerst, the band enjoys playing performances at ethnic festivals, celebrations, Oktoberfests, and private events large and small.

Come listen to the happy music and raise your stein…..Prosit!

Moonshine Rhythm Club

Based in Nashville, TN, Moonshine Rhythm Club started out as a pick-up trio one late night at a Jump Session swing dance in Nashville. They started busking around central TN, finding their sound and wowing audiences of all ages. Now, they are performing swing tunes at dance events, festivals, clubs, weddings, private parties while still keeping true to their origins. They are as comfortable playing for a Lindy Hop or Balboa dance audience, as they are to a seated enthralled crowd – although people don’t remain seated for long.
Moonshine Rhythm Club brings you the works – great ambiance, high energy, top-notch showmanship, and an authentic sound that honors American swing and gypsy jazz alike.

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